About Us

About Us

Thank you for visiting the BMW Repair Guide. I started this site in my home’s garage in 2014 after taking my 2010 E60 528i to the local dealership for an oil change and tune-up. Even though I had been an avid BMW owner and enthusiast for many years, I was still stunned when the service adviser handed me an estimate for over $1200 to do the work. I loved my 528i, but at this rate the cost to maintain it was not sustainable. There had to be a better way.

The car that started it all! My 2010 BMW 528i.

I had always been mechanically inclined, but doing repairs on an expensive imported European car really intimidated me. I sincerely believed that you needed to go through professional training and become a certified mechanic to even change the oil on a BMW. But I soon learned that nothing could be further from the truth.

As I started doing my own basic repairs and maintenance, it quickly became apparent that I had been grossly overpaying to have it done at the BMW dealership. Not only were the procedures simple, but I could purchase the same quality parts at a fraction of the price. All of a sudden my expensive European luxury sedan became very affordable to own.

As I gained confidence and ventured into more advanced repairs, another fact became glaringly obvious. Finding quality repair articles for the “Do It Yourself” home mechanic was becoming increasingly difficult. The internet had, unfortunately, become overrun with poorly written blogs, unresolved forum questions, and shaky YouTube videos. Even expensive repair manuals brush over critical steps and lack photos that require a deeper level of understanding to properly perform the procedure. I knew that I could do better than this.

I decided to try and resolve these issues by creating the BMW Repair Guide, a comprehensive online repair site with articles written for the Do It Yourself home mechanic. Every article is original and includes detailed photos, videos, and step-by-step instructions on how to do the repair properly. All of our articles also include a complete tool and parts list to help you do the job correctly. We have also included a difficulty and repair cost scale in every article to help you determine if it is a job you want to undertake.

I am also an avid HPDE fan, and I enjoy racing my 1996 M3 around our local tracks like Sebring and Palm Beach International Speedway here in Florida. We have also started adding articles on BMW modifications for maximizing your performance on the track.

I highly encourage BMW DIYers to purchase the applicable Bentley Repair Manual for your model vehicle (if it’s available). It contains lots of valuable information about your BMW, including wiring diagrams, torque values, and a pretty cool history of the evolution of your model car. I also encourage my readers to buy a good-quality diagnostic scanner. You can read about the one we use here.

Best Regards,

Adam Berlin
Publisher – the BMW Repair Guide