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Autophix 7910 Diagnostic Scanner


The Official Diagnostic Scanner of the BMW Repair Guide.


The Autophix 7910 Diagnostic Scanner is made exclusively for BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce vehicles. Whether you are a home DIY mechanic or work in a professional repair shop, this is the last BMW diagnostic scanner you will ever need. The Autophix 7910 Diagnostic Scanner gives you all of the functionality that cannot be found in “generic” code readers from you local auto parts store; battery registrations, reset adaptations, read and clear error codes, repair diagnostics, live data, reset Conditional Based Maintenance (CBS) and much more.

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The Autophix 7910 is made exclusively for BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce vehicles and supports most models produced from 1998 to present with a 16 pin OBDII port. The Autophix 7910 may be used on pre-1998 BMW models with the 20 pin “pac-man” port when used with an adapter (sold separately).

Autophix 7910 functions include:

  • Read and clear BMW-specific fault codes in all modules including engine, drivetrain, chassis, and body.
  • Read live vehicle data.
  • Reset or change service and maintenance (CBS) settings.
  • Reset adaptations.
  • Battery registration and management.
  • Supports BMW Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) functions.
  • Reset steering angle sensor.
  • Calibrate fuel injectors.


Product Specifications:

Display: Backlit, color, 320×240 pixel
Operating Temperature: 32° to 140° Fahrenheit (0° to 60° Celsius)
Storage Temperature: 32° to 176° Fahrenheit (0° to 80° Celsius)
Power: Vehicle battery via OBDII port (no batteries necessary)
Dimensions: Length – 6 in | Width – 4 in | Height – 1.25 in