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BMW E90 Battery Replacement – 2007-2013 3 Series – All Models

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Repair Summary
The following article gives detailed instructions on replacing the battery in a BMW E9x 3 series vehicle. Even though we have used a 2011 335i sedan to perform this repair, this article can be applied to any 2007-2013 3 series BMW models with minor modifications. Popular models compatible with this repair include: 2010 BMW 328i, BMW M3 2008, 2013 BMW M3, 2009 BMW 328i and countless others.
E90 3 Series M3
E90 3 Series 318d
E90 3 Series 335i
E90 3 Series 335xi
E90 3 Series 335d
E90 3 Series 330xd
E90 3 Series 330xi
E90 3 Series 330i
E90 3 Series 330d
E90 3 Series 328xi
E90 3 Series 328i
E90 3 Series 325xi
E90 3 Series 325i
E90 3 Series 323i
E90 3 Series 325d
E90 3 Series 320i
E90 3 Series 320si
E90 3 Series 320d
E90 3 Series 318i
E90 3 Series 316i
E90N 3 Series M3 CRT
E90N 3 Series 318i
E90N 3 Series M3
E90N 3 Series 335xi
E90N 3 Series 335i
E90N 3 Series 335d
E90N 3 Series 330xd
E90N 3 Series 330xi
E90N 3 Series 330i
E90N 3 Series 328xi
E90N 3 Series 330d
E90N 3 Series 328i
E90N 3 Series 325d
E90N 3 Series 325i
E90N 3 Series 325xi
E90N 3 Series 323i
E90N 3 Series 320xd
E90N 3 Series 320i
E90N 3 Series 320d ed
E90N 3 Series 320d
E90N 3 Series 318d
E90N 3 Series 316i
E90N 3 Series 316d
E92 3 Series M3
E92 3 Series 325d
E92 3 Series 335xi
E92 3 Series 335i
E92 3 Series 335d
E92 3 Series 330xi
E92 3 Series 330xd
E92 3 Series 330i
E92 3 Series 330d
E92 3 Series 328xi
E92 3 Series 328i
E92 3 Series 325xi
E92 3 Series 325i
E92 3 Series 323i
E92 3 Series 320xd
E92 3 Series 320i
E92 3 Series 320d
E92 3 Series 316i
E92N 3 Series M3
E92N 3 Series 323i
E92N 3 Series 335xi
E92N 3 Series 335is
E92N 3 Series 335i
E92N 3 Series 335d
E92N 3 Series 330xi
E92N 3 Series 330xd
E92N 3 Series 330i
E92N 3 Series 330d
E92N 3 Series 328xi
E92N 3 Series 328i
E92N 3 Series 325xi
E92N 3 Series 325i
E92N 3 Series 320xd
E92N 3 Series 325d
E92N 3 Series 320d
E92N 3 Series 320i
E92N 3 Series 318i
E92N 3 Series 316i

A BMW E90 battery replacement is an easy repair for the home mechanic and can avoid an expensive trip to the dealership.

One of the most asked questions we receive here at the Repair Guide is "can I replace the battery in my BMW myself?". The answer is an emphatic yes. You can absolutely undertake a BMW battery replacement at home. In fact, we highly encourage it if you want to save a whole lot of money.
The lifespan of your BMW battery is approximately 5 to 6 years. This is due to the constant drain of onboard electronics that slowly decreases the battery's efficiency. This lifespan can be greatly shortened if the battery has been completely discharged or has been improperly charged or jump-started. Signs of a failing battery in your BMW E90 are; vehicle struggles to start, onboard electronics malfunctioning or acting peculiar, and warning lights and messages on the dashboard and iDrive screen.

Where is the Battery in a BMW and How Do I Remove it?

The battery in your 2007-2013 BMW 3 series is located in the trunk on the right side of the vehicle. It is easily accessed by removing the right trim panel. There is a roll-over bracket and support bracket that will need to also be removed...we give you complete step-by-step instructions below on how to do it. On a side note, if you are having issues with your trunk leaking please read our article: BMW E90 Trunk Leak/Tail Light Leak for some valuable information.

How to Open a BMW Trunk With a Dead Battery

You cannot manually open a locked truck on your E90 if the battery is completely discharged. If your battery is dead, the quickest and easiest way to open the trunk is to connect to the battery in another vehicle via jumper cables. Simply attach the red jumper cable to the positive terminal under the hood and the black jumper cable to one of the strut brace bolts as shown below. You will now have enough power to release the trunk. DO NOT start the car you are receiving power from...this could cause a voltage surge that could damage sensitive electronics. Never connect jumper cables or a battery charger directly to the battery in the trunk...this can also destroy sensitive electronics.

What is the Best Battery for BMW and How Much Does a Replacement BMW Battery Cost?

The second most asked question we receive here at the Repair Guide is whether you can replace your BMW battery with one from your local auto parts store. Once again, the answer is a resounding yes. Contrary to what many BMW owners are often told, a battery purchased at your local auto parts store is a completely acceptable replacement in your E90 3 series and will perform exactly the same as a battery purchased from the dealership. Just make sure to match the same physical length and type (lead acid or AGM) of the battery currently installed. On average a replacement battery for your BMW will cost approximately $150-$200, depending on the brand, battery type and performance level you purchase. There were many different batteries used in the BMW E90...the best practice is to measure the length of your battery and verify whether it is an AGM or lead acid type before purchasing.
An AGM battery. Always replace your BMW E90 battery with the same type (AGM or lead acid)
Always match your BMW E90 battery with the same length replacement.

BMW Battery Registration - Does my Battery Need to be Programmed After I Install It?

Whenever you replace the battery in your 2007-2013 BMW 3 series car, you must let the vehicle's engine control module know. As intelligent as we think our BMWs are these days, they still are not smart enough to know when a new battery has been installed. Notifying the car's control module that a change has been made is called "registering" the new battery. You should register the new battery you put in to get the maximum life span out of it.
Registering the new battery in your 3 series requires the use of a BMW OBDII scan tool. If you are not a home mechanic or BMW enthusiast, then you probably don't have a scanner just laying around the garage. If you would like to buy an inexpensive scanner that will register your battery as well as help you diagnose future repairs, please see our parts list or click here to purchase a BMW Foxwell NT301 Scan Tool.
If you don't want to purchase a scanner, we suggest stopping by any local auto repair shop...they will probably be more than happy to do it for free. Here at the BMW Repair Guide we gratuitously do it for anyone who pulls up and asks...it only takes a minute and we are happy to help.
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Section 1 - Removing and installing the BMW E90 battery
Removing and installing the battery in your 3 series is a relatively straightforward procedure that can be done by even the most novice mechanic. There is very little skill involved...just use patience and move slowly while disconnecting the terminals. The battery is very heavy. We strongly suggest enlisting a helper when attempting to remove or install the battery.
  1. Locate the battery compartment in the right side of the trunk.bmw e90 battery replacement - the battery is located in right side of the trunk
  2. To remove the trim cover from the battery compartment, simply turn the release and pull the cover free from the body of the vehicle.bmw e90 battery replacement - Turn the release to remove the side panel Pull the side panel free from the vehicle
  3. You can now see the battery.bmw e90 battery replacement - The BMW E90 battery
  4. Remove the two 10mm bolts anchoring the roll over bracket to the car. Remove the roll over bracket from the battery compartment.bmw e90 battery replacement - Remove the first 10mm bolt anchoring the roll over bracket bmw e90 battery replacement - Remove the second roll over bracket bolt Remove the roll over bracket from the vehicle
  5. Use a long 8-12" socket extension to remove the 10mm BMW battery support rail. Reach down and remove the support rail from the battery compartment.bmw e90 battery replacement - Locate the battery support rail You will need a long socket extension to reach the support rail bolt bmw e90 battery replacement - Use a 10mm socket wrench to remove the support rail bmw e90 battery replacement - The battery support rail
  6. Use a 10mm socket wrench to remove the negative cable from the battery terminal.bmw e90 battery replacement - Use a 10mm socket wrench to remove the negative cable
  7. The negative battery cable has an Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS) attached to it. Disconnect the IBS leads by pinching in the plastic locking clip and pulling the plug free.The Intelligent Battery Sensor bmw e90 battery replacement - Pinch in the release on the battery sensor bmw e90 battery replacement - Pull the plug free from the sensor
  8. Remove the positive battery cable from the body of the vehicle by releasing the plastic straps.Release the plastic straps anchoring the positive cable to the body of the vehicle.
  9. Lift the plastic cover on the positive battery terminal. Use a 10mm socket wrench to loosen the positive battery cable.bmw e90 battery replacement - Lift the cover off of the positive terminal bmw e90 battery replacement - Loosen the positive battery cable with a 10mm socket wrench
  10. The entire positive battery cable assembly lifts off of the battery in one unit. It is attached on the sides by metal retaining clips. To release the clips, press down on them as shown below.bmw e90 battery replacement - The left metal retaining clip on positive cable assembly bmw e90 battery replacement - The right metal retaining clip on positive cable assembly
  11. Grasp the positive battery cable assembly and remove it from the battery.bmw e90 battery replacement - Grasp the positive cable assembly and remove it from the battery
  12. You can now remove the battery from the trunk. Grasp it by its handles and lift it out of the battery compartment.bmw e90 battery replacement - Grasp the battery and remove it from the trunk
  13. Follow the above steps exactly in reverse to install your new BMW E90 battery.
  14. Reinstalling the battery support rail can be tricky due to the limited amount of space next to the battery. We suggest inserting piece of masking tape into the end of the 10mm socket to hold the battery support rail bolt (see image below). This will allow you to lower the support rail down and install it without having to reach behind the battery.bmw e90 battery replacement - Attach a piece of masking tape to a 10mm socket Insert the support rail into the socket. Push it in firmly so the masking tape keeps it from falling out. bmw e90 battery replacement - You can now lower the support bracket down into the battery compartment bmw e90 battery replacement - Hand tighten the support bracket before using a socket wrench
Section 2 - Registering your new E90 battery
Now that you have installed a new battery in your 3 series vehicle, you will need to register it. As discussed at the beginning of this article, registering your battery requires using a diagnostic scanner to notify your vehicle's engine control unit (DME) that a new battery has been installed. lease see our article on BMW battery registration for more details on this procedure. If you would like to purchase an affordable BMW diagnostic scanner that also registers batteries, please see our parts list or you can order one by clicking here.
BMW E90 Battery Replacement Finished