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Best Paste Wax for BMW Owners 2023 – Our Top 5 Buyer’s Guide

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One of the unending debates that continue among BMW enthusiasts is what type of wax to apply to the paint of their vehicles - paste or liquid. Many "old school" owners (like myself) prefer paste for its ability to deep clean the paint while sealing it, while a large contingency favor the easy application and removal of liquid wax.

Paste wax is usually made of natural ingredients like carnauba, as well as mild abrasives and sealers. It is excellent for removing small scratches and embedded debris from the outer clear coat when applied. It is more difficult to apply and remove than liquid wax, but in our humble opinion provides a much more durable and attractive finish. When finished off with a random orbital buffer, paste wax gives a shine that is second to none.

Paste wax works by creating a thin barrier on the top of the paint's clear coat that repels moisture and dirt. It is applied with a small soft sponge (usually included with the wax) and is best removed with clean microfiber cloth. If your paint is highly oxidized or hasn't been polished in a long time, it is highly recommended it is treated with a clay bar first.

We reviewed over 10 brands of paste wax and have picked what we believe as the top 5. We based our decision on performance as well as cost.
Best Performance
Excellent finish
Fills small scratches
Excellent paint cleaner
X Expensive
Griot's Garage has been producing high quality car care products since 1990 and has become a staple on the shelves of just about any auto parts store. They have become known as the manufacturer of professional level detailing supplies at an affordable price. Unfortunately, though, their premium paste wax isn't exactly affordable. At $3.50 per ounce, it is the most expensive carnauba wax tested. But for what it lacks in affordability, it makes up in performance. It easily stripped old debris from the paint and left a breathtaking finish when buffed out. In fact from a performance level, there is nothing bad we can report on Griot's Garage Premium Carnauba Paste Wax. We highly recommend it if price isn't a concern.
Best Value $
Easy to apply
Decent shine
Well priced
X Not the level of shine of other competitors
Meguiar's continues to produce some of the best paste wax in the industry at a great price. Their Gold Class is know for its extreme longevity through the careful balance of carnauba wax and polymers. When applied with the included foam applicator, Meguiar's Gold Class goes on smoothly and easily and provides an excellent shine when finished off with an orbital palm buffer. It doesn't offer the same level of performance as the Griot's, but for the price is a worthy competitor.
Best Overall
Excellent gloss finish
Best for dark colors
Great longevity
X Pricey
Since 1936 Collonite has been manufacturing concours level car waxes for automobile enthusiasts. Their Collinite No. 915 is hands down one of the best past car waxes on the market today. It unique blend of carnauba wax and polymers is specially formulated to provide a higher level of gloss, especially on darker colors like navy blue and black. It is also extremely weather durable - they claim up to nine months of protection in even the worst conditions. Unfortunately you get what you pay for - Collinite No. 915 is not cheap. At $3.30 per ounce it is one of the most expensive waxes on the market, but well worth the price if you don't have a budget.
Great durability
Good protection
X No foam applicator
Like Griot's, Mother's car care products have become a regular part of every auto parts store shelf across the country. Their Brazilian Carnauba Wax offers excellent protection and durability at an excellent price point (about $1.19 an ounce). It doesn't offer the degree of shine some of the more expensive brands offer, but for an affordable "everyday" wax its hard to beat. One complaint we have with the Mother's...it doesn't come with a foam applicator.
Old school protection
World class shine
Moderately priced
X Can be difficult to remove
Simoniz holds the distinction of being the first car wax company in the country. Founded in 1912 by George Simons, Simoniz has become a brand name that defines paste wax...much like Kleenex defines tissue. Simoniz offers "old school" protection to your car's paint at a mid-range price...it comes in at about $2.65 per ounce. When buffed out correctly the shine is world class. The only downside is the protect can be tough to remove. You only want to apply in small sections and remove as soon as possible.