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Best Interior Cleaner/Protectant For Your BMW 2023 – Top 5 Reviews

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In 2022, the United States car wash and detailing market size surpassed 14 billion dollars. Yes....you read that correctly. Billion. Americans are obsessed with keeping their vehicles clean, both inside and out. Cars are expensive, even previously owned ones. So like any other valuable asset, we take care of them.

Applying a good high-grade cleaner/protectant to the interior of your BMW on a regular basis is critical in preventing your interior plastic, vinyl and rubber trim from cracking and fading. Years of heat and ultraviolet light dry plastic and vinyl parts out. A premium protectant can actually reverse this damage and bring new life to your BMW's interior.

A good interior cleaner does not always offer UV protection. Be careful before you purchase.

A cleaner/protectant is exactly as the name implies...it cleans and protects in one step. There are so many products on the market that claim to clean and protect your interior vinyl and plastic that choosing the one that best suits your needs can be challenging. If you don't believe me, go by your local auto parts stores. Interior cleaning products fight for eye-level shelf space with fancy colorful packaging and claims of being the best. But are they all the same, or are some truly better than others?

As with all car detailing products, some results are subjective...but others are not. What's considered an acceptable finish (glossy or flat) or smell is subjective...they vary among individual tastes. We didn't put very much emphasis on them when picking our top five in this article (unless the smell was actually obnoxious).

What we did weigh heavily was how well the product cleans, rejuvenates, and protects your BMW's interior. And we analyzed how well the product achieved this at a reasonable price. We feel you don't have to purchase the most expensive cleaner on the market to get excellent results.

We tested over 20 interior cleaner/protectants and have listed what we believe are the top five choices for 2023. They are not listed in any type of order...we feel you can't go wrong with any of these picks.
Best Performance
Excellent cleaner
Advanced UV protection
Not greasy
X Expensive
JTS Professional Car Care is a small company based in Pennsylvania. They offer a complete line of detailing products for the interior and exterior of your BMW including car wash soap, ceramic coatings, and interior cleaners. Their JTS All Purpose Interior Cleaner is superb...not only does it have excellent cleaning properties but it also neutralizes bad car odors and leaves a clean fresh smell. JTS All Purpose Interior Cleaner also contains an advanced UV protectant. We found it quick and easy to use, and it left a nice matte finish without any greasiness. The only drawback with JTS is the price - it was in the upper tier of those products tested coming in at about 20 bucks for a 16 oz bottle...or $1.25 per fluid ounce.
Best Value $
Well priced
Non-greasy finish
Great protection
X Does not as clean well as other brands
Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Graphene is an all-in-one automotive interior cleaner that also deodorizes and protects. Turtle Wax is one of America's most recognized car care product manufacturers with over 75 years in the industry. Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Graphene is an excellent conditioner for your interior plastic, rubber and vinyl trim and leaves a non-greasy shine after being applied. It is well priced at 54 cents an ounce. The biggest reported drawback with Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Graphene is its cleaning ability - users have reported that it doesn't deep clean plastics nearly as well as other products on the market and has been known to leave a "dusty" residue.
Excellent cleaner
Excellent protection
Great longevity
X Polarizing smell
Adam's Polishes was started in California in 2000 by Adam Pitale and now operate from their Colorado facilities. They sell premium interior and exterior car care products to professional detail shops worldwide. Adam's Total Interior Cleaner is an excellent cleaner and protectant that is easy to apply and leaves a nice finish. It has excellent UV protection and is reasonably priced at 75 cents an ounce. Adam's has only one flaw...the smell is just not for everyone. The "Maine Blueberry" scent has been reported as nauseating to many users and has become a focal point among bad reviews.
Best Overall
Excellent performance
Reasonably priced
X Can leave clear plastic and glass sticky
With over 120 years in the industry, Meguiar's is arguably the world's largest supplier of car "surface care" products. And they didn't become the world's largest by producing an inferior product - in fact for the price, Meguiar's always ranks in the upper tier. Their Ultimate Interior Detailer falls into that category. At 65 cents an ounce it is among the most reasonably price tested, and it delivered, in our opinion, some of the best results. It has excellent cleaning properties, its an excellent protectant, and leaves a beautiful non greasy finish. In fact we found very little to complain about it other than it is a good idea to keep it away from clear plastic instrument gauges and display screens. It can cause a sticky smeared mess that is difficult to remove.
Excellent cleaner
Can restore damaged plastics
Nice finish
X Can cause undesired results on glass
Chemical Guys is a fan favorite among professional detailers and has become one of the more "trendy" products on the market. Their Total Interior Cleaner is unique in that is can be sprayed on any surface in the interior of your vehicle including clear plastics and glass. Well...kind of. There have been many users critical of its glass cleaning properties saying that it can make windshields a disasterous smeared mess. That being said, it still must be recognized as one of the best deep cleaners on the market with excellent UV protection and the ability to actually restore heat damaged plastics. At 75 cents an ounce it is still considered reasonably priced.