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BMW E60 iDrive Upgrade – 2004-2010 5 Series – Bluetooth Music/Rear Camera/Touch Screen

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Repair Summary
This article gives detailed instructions on installing an upgraded Android iDrive (CID) screen with Bluetooth music and backup camera in a BMW E60 5 series vehicle with a car communication computer (CCC) based system (see description below). Even though we used a 2006 530xi touring wagon to perform this repair, this article can be applied to any BMW vehicle with the older CCC iDrive system (including the E90 3 series) with minor modifications to the repair steps.

A BMW E60 iDrive upgrade can easily add a touchscreen, Bluetooth streaming music, and a backup camera to your 2004-2010 5 series car.

Probably the most significant drawback to owning an older model BMW is technology. As our world has been overtaken with streaming media and "smart" devices, the automotive industry has made it a priority to make their new vehicles as technologically advanced as possible. Unfortunately, this technological gold rush has become a headache for many late model BMW owners with first-generation (CCC) iDrive systems; most older vehicles lack some of the most basic features we now consider "standard equipment" like backup cameras and Bluetooth audio.
The two sizes (6.5" and 8.8") of CCC iDrive screens found in many BMW vehicles.
If the screen in your vehicle does not look like one of the above images, then you most likely have a more advanced CID-based system and you will not be able to use the iDrive upgrade in this article.
For BMW owners with older central information displays (CID), more commonly known as iDrive screens, the options to upgrade to a more technically advanced system have been limited. Earlier Android replacement displays were slow and sluggish and prone to overheating and crashing. But advancements in processor and operating system technology have made replacement units very reliable. Upgrading your BMWs iDrive is now an affordable option that can add all of the "bells and whistles" you would expect in a newer vehicle.
The Android BMW E60 iDrive upgrade screen
Luckily there is a very simple and affordable option for those BMW E60 owners that are interested in upgrading their displays so they can stream music and add a backup camera to their vehicle - the Android iDrive screen. The Android iDrive screen is based on the Android operating system (OS) commonly found in smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy. In fact, those that have Android OS phones will find many similarities between the two.
The Android BMW iDrive upgrade screen can do many advanced functions including navigation, wireless internet connection, Bluetooth calling and real time vehicle data. We could write dozens of pages on every function an upgraded Android iDrive screen can do...but we are going to keep it simple and review the most popular; Bluetooth music streaming, backup camera, the user interface (UX) and using Apple Carplay/Android Auto. For a list of other available functions of an Android iDrive screen, please click here.
Bluetooth music streaming
Bluetooth music streaming is without any doubt the number one requested upgrade that BMW owners with older iDrive screens are looking for. Plugging your cell phone into a cumbersome auxiliary jack and trying to play music while driving is not only a pain in the rear...but it's also extremely dangerous (and borderline illegal). Streaming music wirelessly from your phone to your vehicle's sound system and being able to control it from the iDrive screen or steering wheel controls is the safest method.
Android iDrive screen - Bluetooth music streaming
Installing an upgraded Android iDrive screen in your BMW will allow you to safely stream music (and video) from any Bluetooth device, and the sound quality is excellent. We found setting up the Bluetooth connection to our iPhone 12 to be simple, and we were able to use both the iDrive controller as well as the steering wheel controls to toggle through our Spotify and iTunes playlists.
Backup Camera
Backup cameras have quietly become standard equipment on all vehicle's being produced today. In fact, the chance of getting into an accident (or God forbid hitting someone) is exponentially higher in vehicles that do not have any type of rear camera system. Why? Because most drivers and pedestrians assume that you have a backup camera in your car and that you see them when you are backing out of a parking space.
bmw e60 idrive upgrade - Backup camera on the Android iDrive screen
The backup camera screen on the Android iDrive screen is fact it exceeded our expectations. It is crystal clear and even comes with dynamic distance markers that "bend" when the car is being turned. It also includes a trigger wire that automatically turns on the backup screen when the vehicle is put into reverse.
Please see our article on wiring a backup camera to your BMW for more information on installation.
User Interface (UX)
The user interface, also commonly called the UX, is a fancy term that simply refers to the design and layout of the information on the screen and the degree of difficulty of interacting with it. In a nutshell, users want to know if the screen is easy to navigate and use.
Android iDrive screen showing car data
The Android iDrive app screen
The Android iDrive screen is very well does not look like a "cheap" aftermarket unit that we just stuck in the car. We found the layout of the Android iDrive upgrade screen to be logical and fairly easy to use after a day or so of playing with it; it is basically like using an Android phone. The touchscreen is extremely responsive, and the Snapdragon 8 core processor that powers the operating system is extremely fast. The vehicle's iDrive controller works great with the Android iDrive upgrade screen...we were extremely happy with its integration. We were able to easily access every screen on the display by just using the iDrive controller and the steering wheel. You can easily access the original factory iDrive screen at any time if you want to return to the vehicle's original functionality.
The factory iDrive screen is still easily accessible with the upgraded Android screen
Android Auto and Apple Carplay
First of all, there is a lot of confusion as to what Android Auto and Apple Carplay are and whether the BMW E60 Android iDrive upgrade screen can support them. Android Auto and Apple Carplay have become very popular in new vehicles; they allow you to control the essential functions of your Android or Apple phone through the infotainment screen. Many drivers like this functionality since they can easily (and more safely) send and receive text messages via voice commands, make phone calls, access their music, and use their navigation software (like google maps) without looking at their phone. Android Auto and Apple Carplay allow you to display and control your phone directly within the iDrive screen. If you are using Android Auto or Apple Carplay, you DO NOT need to install an external GPS navigation antennae or receiver. You can easily access your map apps on the iDrive screen.

Please see Section 4 below for more information on connecting Android Auto or Apple Carplay to your iDrive screen.

The confusion among users is how this connection is actually made. Essentially there are two ways...either a direct connection via a USB cable (see Section 4 in the repair steps below) or wirelessly via a "hotspot" internet connection created on your phone. You cannot connect Android Auto or Apple Carplay solely using must also have an internet connection like a hotspot. If you do not have an internet connection then you must connect directly via a USB cable.
We found connecting Android Auto and Apple Carplay to the upgraded Android iDrive screen to be confusing. We could not get the Apple Carplay to display correctly using the wireless hotspot connection, and using the USB cable requires an aftermarket "dongle" which is challenging to set up. We strongly recommend that if you are going to use Android Auto or Apple Carplay with this unit, that you use the direct USB connection method discussed below in Section 4 and forget about wireless.
Our review of the Android iDrive screen after testing
We are very pleased with the updated Android iDrive screen in our 2006 BMW 530xi. It is very well designed, and blends in well with the interior of the vehicle without looking like a cheap aftermarket addition. The Bluetooth sound quality is excellent, and the backup camera exceeded our expectations. The Android 10.0 operating system is fast and the touchscreen is very responsive. The Android screen works great with the existing iDrive controller and steering wheel buttons and installs very easily. If you are looking for an attractive, affordable, and simple to install solution that allows you to easily stream music and add a backup camera to your 2004-2010 5 series, then we highly recommend the Android iDrive screen.
  1. The new Android 10.0 operating system with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 core 4GB RAM processor is very fast and works seamlessly. We were very pleased with its overall functionality.
  2. Installation is simple. The Android screen comes with a wiring harness that simply plugs into the back of the old head unit. All of the vehicle's original iDrive functionality remains intact (you can easily access the original factory iDrive screen).
  3. The sound quality is excellent when streaming music from a handheld device like an iPhone or Android phone.
  4. The backup camera display is fabulous and exceeded our expectations. It includes dynamic distance markers that actually move with the steering wheel (they can be toggled off if desired). The backup camera display works perfectly when the “trigger” wire is connected (see our discussion below on backup cameras).
  5. The Android iDrive screen does support your BMW's factory XM satellite radio with a very easy modification discussed in the steps below.
  6. Even though the Android iDrive has a touch screen (which you will need for some functions), you can pretty much access everything with the iDrive controller.
  7. The factory iDrive controller is extremely responsive with the Android screen and all of the steering wheel controls work perfectly.
  8. The Android unit does support the vehicle’s factory iDrive display. You do not lose any of the vehicle’s original functionality with the Android unit.
  1. Even though the Android unit supports the factory iDrive display if you are switching over from the smaller 6.5" screen (like we did) the display will be distorted since it will be "stretched" to fit the larger 8.8" screen. We don’t feel it is a big deal, but it certainly should be known prior to purchasing.
  2. The newer Android iDrive user interface (UX) is logical in design but has much smaller font sizes than the factory screen. If you wear glasses or have difficulty seeing at a distance, the new Android iDrive screen will take a little time to get used to.
  3. The Android iDrive uses an LED screen that is beautiful when viewed with the naked eye but cannot be seen with polarized sunglasses (especially from the driver’s seat). It is also difficult to see in bright sunlight due to the reflection off of the touchscreen. Some manufacturers offer a "non-glare" screen, but we did not test one for this article. The good news is this situation can be easily cured by adding a non-glare computer monitor protection screen to the front of the display. Please see Section 3 in the repair steps below on how to cure this issue.
  1. Setting up Android Auto and Apple Carplay was frustrating. We could not get Apple Carplay to work correctly wirelessly, and setting up the USB connection was challenging. The good news is once we figured it out it worked great. If you are planning on buying this unit specifically so you can use Android Auto or Apple Carplay, we suggest you purchase a dongle and connect your phone directly via the USB cable. Please see Section 4 below on detailed instructions on connecting Android Auto and Apple Carplay via the USB cable.
  2. An ongoing concern among many Android iDrive customers is the lack of instructions or any documentation on how to install the unit. We will be completely honest and transparent here - most (if not all) of these units are being manufactured “overseas” and are being drop shipped from US resellers who do not put any type of instructions in the boxes. In fact...ours came with absolutely no documentation whatsoever... The good news is the Android screen is “plug and play” you don’t need an electrical engineering degree to install it. But that being is still very annoying and created a much longer installation time since we had to figure it out ourselves.
Installing a BMW iDrive upgraded screen
The good news is installing an upgraded Android iDrive screen into your 2004-2010 BMW 5 series is a relatively easy process. Most aftermarket Android screens are "plug and play" and come with a wiring harness that plugs into the back of your factory head unit. We give you detailed step-by-step instructions below on how to install an 8.8" upgraded Android iDrive in a BMW E60 5 series vehicle. These instructions can be used in any BMW with the older CCC screen with minor modifications to the steps.
It is important to note that you must have an active auxiliary (AUX) port on your vehicle's head unit. We know this may seem confusing, but in reality, you are not just replacing the screen but are also adding a secondary device to the sound system. The only way to make the Android iDrive “plug and play” while retaining your vehicle’s factory system is to use the AUX port. Your vehicle’s head unit must have a programmed and activated AUX port for the Android iDrive screen to operate. To verify your BMW E60’s AUX port is active, navigate your iDrive to the Entertainment menu. If “AUX” is a highlighted option that can be selected at the top of the menu then it is active (see image below). If it is not highlighted (or is not present at all), then you will have to get your vehicle programmed prior to completing this installation. Please see our section below “Activating Your iDrive’s AUX port” for more information.
bmw e60 idrive upgrade - The AUX port must be active on your head unit in order to install a new Android iDrive screen
View the detailed parts diagram for this repair.
Includes detailed part diagrams, part numbers and links to purchase all of the required components needed to complete this repair.
Before starting this repair, you must have the following required parts.
All BMW 3 and 5 series vehicles
Exclusively designed for BMW 3 Series / 5 Series to match the original dashboard for a perfectly integrated appearance. The speed, fuel level, oil pressure and safety warning are now on the dashboard in the theme you choose. Vehicle's original functions like CD/DVD, radio, BT, SWC, Rear camera will be retained
Anti-glare film for screen displays
With the wireless CarPlay adapter, you can convert the wired to WIRELESS Carplay. In that way, you won't have to plug your phone into you car USB port every time when you enter your vehicle. Wireless CarPlay makes it easy to play music, get navigation, or make Hands-Free call! Fiddly wires become the thing of the past.
Repair Steps
Section 1 - Removing the iDrive Screen and Head Unit
In order to perform a BMW E60 iDrive upgrade, the existing screen must be removed. The head unit must also be removed from the dashboard so a new wiring harness can be attached to it that integrates with the replacement Android screen. Use patience and care when removing the dashboard trim in your BMW E60 5 series...plastic becomes brittle as it ages and the chances of breaking apart increase dramatically if it is forcefully removed.
  1. The iDrive screen is simply anchored inside the dashboard by two T10 Torx screws. Use a Torx bit to remove the two screws then grasp the iDrive screen and tilt it forward. bmw e60 idrive upgrade - The BMW E60 iDrive screen (CID).bmw e60 idrive upgrade - Use a t10 torx bit to remove the two iDrive mounting screwsbmw e60 idrive upgrade - Tilt the iDrive forward
  2. Grasp the iDrive screen and carefully remove it from the dashboard.Grasp the iDrive screen and remove it from the dashboard
  3. Unplug the two electrical connections on the back of the screen. It helps to use a small flat blade screwdriver as shown below. bmw e60 idrive upgrade - Remove the wiring harness from the rear of the iDrive screembmw e60 idrive upgrade - Use a flatblade screwdriver to release the second electrical e60 idrive upgrade - Unplug the second electrical connector from the rear of the screen
  4. Next, the dashboard and center console trim will need to be removed so the head unit can be accessed. Start by using a plastic trim removal tool to loosen the outside corner of the dashboard trim on the passenger side of the vehicle. We like to "twist" the plastic trim removal tool (instead of prying it) to pop the trim loose from the dashboard as shown e60 idrive upgrade - Loosen the dashboard trim on the passenger side of vehicle
  5. Be very careful as you slowly pull the trim away from the dashboard with your is a very expensive piece and you don't want to crack it. If you break any of the dashboard trim clips during removal, you can order more by clicking here. If you break the metal trim clamp you can reorder one by clicking here. Grasp the dashboard trim with your hands and pull it loose from the vehiclebmw e60 idrive upgrade - Pull the dashboard trim free from the vehicle
  6. Reach behind the dashboard trim and push the door lock switch out. Unplug the switch and remove it from the e60 idrive upgrade - Push the door lock switch out of the dashboard trim and disconnect it
  7. Grasp the shifter handle and pull up until it releases. DO NOT TWIST IT. It may take two hands to get it to release, but it will come free.
  8. Use a plastic trim removal tool to remove the shifter trim and leather shifter boot from the center console. Unplug the back of the shifter trim and remove from the vehicle. bmw e60 idrive upgrade - Use a plastic trim removal tool to pry the shifter trim loose.Unplug the back of the shifter trim.
  9. Remove the ashtray from the center e60 idrive upgrade - Remove the ashtray from the vehicle.
  10. Use a T20 Torx bit to remove the two screws anchoring the center console e60 idrive upgrade - Remove the two center console trim screws
  11. Using a plastic trim removal tool, remove the iDrive controller knob. bmw e60 idrive upgrade - Pry the iDrive controller knob free Remove the iDrive controller knob from
  12. Carefully pry up the side of the center console trim until it releases from its trim clips. We like to use a twisting motion with the trim removal tool to pop it loose as shown e60 idrive upgrade - Pry the center console trim loose with a trim tool
  13. Pull the center console trim loose with your hands. Pull the center console trim loose with your hands
  14. Reach under the trim and remove the iDrive menu button. Disconnect it and remove it from the e60 idrive upgrade - Remove the iDrive menu button
  15. Turn on the ignition and put the shifter in the drive position. This will give you enough room to remove the center console trim. Remove the center console trim from the vehicle. bmw e60 idrive upgrade - Put the gear shifter in the drive position.Remove the center console trim from vehicle.
  16. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws mounting the center dash trim to the dashboard. Use a plastic trim removal tool to carefully pry the center dash trim loose. bmw e60 idrive upgrade - Remove the two screws anchoring the center dashboard trimbmw e60 idrive upgrade - Pry the center dashboard trim loose with a plastic trim removal tool
  17. Pull the center dashboard trim down until the back of the HVAC controller can be accessed. Unplug the three electronic connections behind the HVAC controller and remove the center dashboard trim from the e60 idrive upgrade - Unplug the HVAC controller
  18. Remove the two screws anchoring the sound system head unit to the dashboard. Grasp the head unit and pull it free from the dashboard. Remove the two screws anchoring the head unit to the e60 idrive upgrade - Pull the head unit free from the dashboard
  19. Locate the main wiring harness and the iDrive cable on the back of the head unit. bmw e60 idrive upgrade - Locate the main wiring harness on the back of the head unit
  20. Unplug the iDrive cable. bmw e60 idrive upgrade - unplug the iDrive cable
  21. Unplug the main wiring harness by lifting its locking arm and pulling the connection e60 idrive upgrade - Lift the locking arm and unplug the main wiring harness.
Section 2 - Installing the New Android iDrive Wiring Harness
Installing the new BMW E60 iDrive upgrade wiring harness is very is essentially "plug and play". The old head unit wiring harness plugs into the new adapter allowing all of the original iDrive functionality to display on the new screen. It also allows the newly upgraded Android screen to be managed by the iDrive controller knob. If you have an existing XM Satellite Radio connection it can be easily transferred over to the new wiring harness (see step 3 below). Also note that if you already have a Bluetooth telephone installed in your BMW E60 5 series, then you do not need any of the external speakers or microphones that were shipped with the new Android unit.
  1. Before connecting the new wiring harness to the head unit, it will need to be routed behind the dashboard to the new Android iDrive display. In order to do this, the dashboard mounting bracket will need to be loosened so the wiring harness can be slipped behind it. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the six screws anchoring the dashboard mounting bracket and gently tilt it forward. bmw e60 idrive upgrade - Remove the dashboard bracket mounting screwsTilt the iDrive mounting bracket down
  2. Carefully route the new Android iDrive wiring harness behind the bracket. Reinstall the dashboard bracket when you are e60 idrive upgrade - Route the new iDrive cable behind the dashboardTuck the new iDrive cable neatly in so it doesn't get damaged during reassemblybmw e60 idrive upgrade - The new iDrive cable ready to be connected to the head unit
  3. ***If you have an existing XM satellite radio, then you will need to complete this step. If you don't proceed to step 4. Locate the two fiber optic cables in the head unit's wiring harness that controls the satellite radio module. These two fiber optic cables must be moved to the new wiring harness - this is simply done by using a metal pick as shown below to release the fiber optic cables and unplugging them from the factory harness. Plug the cables into the exact same position in the new wiring harness until they snap into place (see images below). bmw e60 idrive upgrade - Locate the fiber optic satellite radio cables in the factory wiring harnessUse a metal pick or small flat blade screwdriver to release the fiber optic e60 idrive upgrade - Unplug the satellite radio bmw e60 idrive upgrade - The new Android iDrive wiring harnessbmw e60 idrive upgrade - Plug the satellite radio cables into the new wiring harness
  4. Line up the new and old wiring harnesses as shown below and plug them together. Make sure the plastic locking bracket is secure. Line up the old and new wiring harnesses so they can be plugged togetherbmw e60 idrive upgrade - Plug the two wiring harnesses together and secure them with the plastic locking arm.
  5. Plug the new Android iDrive wiring harness into the back of the head unit. bmw e60 idrive upgrade - Line up the new Android wiring harness with the head unitbmw e60 idrive upgrade - Plug the new Android wiring harness into the head unit and secure the locking arm.
  6. If your new Android iDrive wiring harness came with a mini-speaker already installed, you can disconnect it. You do not need the mini speaker when installing an Android iDrive screen into a BMW E60 5 series with a Bluetooth phone (it is already wired for sound).bmw e60 idrive upgrade - Disconnect the mini speaker that came with the new iDrive cable harness. You do not need it when installing into a BMW E60 5 series.
  7. Plug the audio wire in the new wiring harness together and wrap it with electrical tape to keep it from pulling loose during the installation. Plug the audio wires together in the new wiring e60 idrive upgrade - Tightly wrap the audio wire connection with electrical tape to keep them from pulling apart.
  8. Carefully reinstall the head unit back into the dashboard and secure it with its two mounting screws. is limited with all of the new wiring. Take your time and DO NOT force the head unit back in. You may have to tuck some of the wirings in to make enough e60 idrive upgrade - Reinstall the head unit back into the vehicle
Section 3 - Installing the New Android iDrive Screen
The new Android iDrive screen simply fits into the existing opening in the dashboard. Please note that the space behind the new screen is tight. The new wiring harnesses take up a lot of room, so make sure they are carefully tucked out of the way when installing the new screen.
  1. Plug the main media input/output harness into the back of the new iDrive display. Make sure it is securely connected. bmw e60 idrive upgrade - Plug the main media input/output harness in
  2. Plug the wiring harnesses in from the head unit. Make sure they are securely connected or your iDrive could lose power when the vehicle hits a bump. bmw e60 idrive upgrade - Install the main wiring harnessPlug the wiring harness in the back of the iDrive
  3. We strongly recommend installing the USB cables to the Android iDrive screen. The USB cables are the easiest method of transferring data to your screen's hard drive from an external storage device and the best method of connecting Android Auto or Apple Carplay to your screen. You will want to route them to a location that can be easily accessed at all times - we suggest putting them in the glove box. Please Section 4 below for more information on using the USB cables for transferring data. USB auxiliary cables bmw e60 idrive upgrade - Route the USB cables behind the dashboardLeave the USB cables in the glove box for easy access.
  4. If you are adding a backup camera, connect the two RCA jacks and secure them with electrical tape so they do not disconnect during installation. If you are using a trigger wire for your backup camera (which we strongly recommend you do), solder and heat shrink it to the wiring harness. The wiring harness trigger wire is sometimes called the "camera detection" wire and is usually e60 idrive upgrade - Identify the rear camera input jackbmw e60 idrive upgrade - Tape the rear camera input jack so it doesn't pull apartSolder the backup camera trigger wire to the display trigger wire and heat shrink the connectionbmw e60 idrive upgrade - A properly connected trigger wire
  5. If you are adding any other external video, sound, microphone, GPS/navigation or antennae components, you can do that now. We do not cover adding any other external devices other than a backup camera in this article.
  6. Slowly, carefully and methodically install the new iDrive screen into the dashboard. Make sure to tuck all of the wirings neatly out of the way so they do not get pinched. DO NOT screw the iDrive screen into place e60 idrive upgrade - Carefully install the new iDrive screen making sure not to damage any wires
  7. Before reinstalling all of the trim, start the vehicle and test the new screen. If you have installed a new backup camera, put the vehicle in reverse to make sure it appears. If there are any issues, turn the vehicle off and check all of your connections. The most frequent issue is the main wiring harness is not properly installed into the back of the new Android iDrive screen.
  8. If the new BMW E60 iDrive upgrade screen is operating correctly, reinstall all of the trim by following Section 1 steps 1-17 in reverse.
Section 4 - Using the USB Cables for Data Transfer and Apple Carplay/Android Auto
Section 4 - Using the USB cables for data transfer and Apple Carplay/Android Auto
The two USB cables that were installed in Section 3 above are the best methods of transferring data between your iDrive display and peripheral devices. Any type of device can connect to your iDrive screen for data transfer as long as it supports USB data transfer including laptop computers, phones, portable hard drives, SD cards, and memory sticks. The Android iDrive screen comes with file transfer software built-in, so it is very easy to upload music, movies, photos, and even apps to your iDrive screen via USB cables. A. Using the USB cable with an external storage device Transferring data from an external storage device like a computer or memory stick to the iDrive screen is very simple. The Android iDrive display comes with a built-in file manager that allows you to quickly upload any data from any external device, much like you would on a computer. Simply connect the external device to the USB cable, start the file manager app, and upload the data.A USB bmw e60 idrive upgrade - The file manager appbmw e60 idrive upgrade - Transferring data via the USB cable is simple   B. Using the USB cable for Android Auto or Apple Carplay As discussed earlier in this article, the best way to use Android Auto or Apple Carplay with your BMW upgraded iDrive screen is via a direct connection with the USB cable. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as plug and will need to purchase a "dongle" that allows the iDrive screen to communicate with your phone. What is a dongle? It is a silly (and confusing) term for an adapter that allows certain external devices to operate through a USB port. In our case, a dongle will need to be attached to one of the USB cables  - this will allow us to connect our phone directly to the iDrive so we can use Android Auto or Apple Carplay.
A dongle used for Android Auto or Apple Carplay.
A "dongle" that allows you to connect your Apple or Android phone to the iDrive screen.
Need an Apple Carplay/Android Auto dongle? Click here to purchase the same one we used for this article. Installing the dongle is not simple. You have to first install the dongle's app so the Android screen can communicate with your phone. We found the easiest way to do this was to copy the files on a thumb drive and manually upload them (see section A above). Please see the documentation that comes with your dongle for more information on how to install its app on your Android iDrive display. Apple Carplay Apple Carplay is an operating system made specifically for automobiles. It allows the user to access and control the most important functions of their iPhone including music, phone calls, messaging, and maps on their iDrive screen and by using voice commands. We were very pleased with Apple Carplay when using the USB dongle. In fact, it exceeded our expectations. The screen resolution was beautiful, and we could easily send and receive text messages by just talking to Siri on the iDrive screen. It was installed very fact, it was virtually plug-and-play. As soon as the dongle recognized the iPhone was connected, it automatically launched Apple Carplay. As discussed at the beginning of this article, there is absolutely no reason to connect an external GPS navigation receiver if you are using Apple Carplay. The maps are excellent and worked flawlessly. If you have an iPhone, we strongly urge you to try out Apple Carplay on the upgraded Android screen. Once you do, you will be hooked on e60 idrive upgrade - Connecting an iPhone 12 to our new Android iDrive screenApple Carplay home screenApple Carplay maps Android Auto Android Auto, much like Apple Carplay, allows you to display and control much of your phone's functionality through the iDrive screen. Unlike Apple Carplay (which is basically plugged and play) Android Auto requires its app to be installed on the phone first before connecting to the iDrive display. We were not as impressed with Android Auto on the newly upgraded iDrive display. The screen resolution was average compared to the iPhone, and we found its user interface (UX) to be inferior to Carplay. That being said, it did allow easy access to our music library, Google maps, and even Spotify. Once again, you do not need to add an external GPS receiver for navigation when using Android e60 idrive upgrade - A Galaxy 8+ phone hooked to the dongle bmw e60 idrive upgrade - Android Auto home screenAndroid Auto map screen
Section 5 - Adding an Anti-glare film to the Display
Even though there are some units being offered that claim to have an anti-glare display, most Android iDrive LED screens on the market are very difficult to see in sunlight or with polarized sunglasses. As discussed earlier in this article, this problem can be easily fixed by adding an anti-glare computer screen protective film to the front of the iDrive display. It is very simple to apply, can be removed quickly if necessary, and works great with the touchscreen. Adding anti-glare film to the Android display is an easy and inexpensive solution.
bmw e60 idrive upgrade - Screen without anti-glare film
An Android iDrive display without an anti-glare coating.
bmw e60 idrive upgrade - Android iDrive screen with anti-glare film
After anti-glare film is installed on the screen.
Want to purchase the same anti-glare film we used for this article? Click here to order.
  1. Measure the screen to get its exact dimensions.
  2. Use a pair of scissors to cut out a piece of anti-glare screen protector. Anti-glare screen protectorbmw e60 idrive upgrade - Cut the ant-glare screen protector to fit your iDrive
  3. Use the enclosed dust removal sticker and cleaning cloth to remove any dirt and smudges from the new Android display.Remove any dust and smudges from the iDrive screen
  4. Peel off both sides of the anti-glare film and stick it on the Android display.Peel off both sides of the anti-glare film
  5. Use a credit card or the enclosed plastic scraper to push any air bubbles out of the e60 idrive upgrade - Remove all of the air bubbles in the anti-glare film
BMW E60 iDrive Upgrade Finished
Genuine BMW Titanium Idrive Control Knob
Part #: 65827837807
Genuine BMW IDrive Control Unit
Part #: 65826944884
Genuine BMW Support
Part #: 51169155970
BMWE60525iM54 2.5L
BMWE60525iN52 3.0L
BMWE60525xiN52 3.0L
BMWE60528iN52 3.0L
BMWE60528xiN52 3.0L
BMWE60530iM54 3.0L
BMWE60530iN52 3.0L
BMWE60530xiN52 3.0L
BMWE60535iN54 3.0L
BMWE60535iN55 3.0L
BMWE60535xiN54 3.0L
BMWE60545iN62 4.4L
BMWE60550iN62 4.8L
BMWE60M5S85 5.0L
BMWE61525iM54 2.5L
BMWE61530xiN52 3.0L
BMWE61535xiN54 3.0L

The Level of Difficulty displays graphically how challenging the repair is, from beginner to expert. Beginner repairs usually require very few tools, have short repair times and are simple to complete for even the most novice of mechanics. As the difficulty level rises expect the repair to demand more time, use more specialized tools, and require a better understanding of mechanics to complete the job.

The Repair Cost graphically displays approximately how expensive the repair will be to perform. The repair cost is defined as the actual money that would need to be spent to purchase required parts and special tools that would not be normally found in the home mechanics garage. Please note that these cost estimates are approximate and can fluctuate based on brand preferences and manufacturer.