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Sunday, September 19, 2021
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BMW E64 Convertible Lock Motor Repair- 2004-2010 6 Series

Repair Summary
This article gives detailed instructions on replacing the convertible top locking motor (locks the folding top to the windshield) in a BMW E64 6 series vehicle. Even though we used a 2005 645ci to perform this repair, this article can be applied to any 2004-2010 6 series vehicle with minor modifications to the repair steps.

A BMW E64 convertible lock motor replacement is a common repair in 2004-2010 6 series vehicles.

The E63/E64 6 series was first introduced to the US market in 2004 and has been hailed by enthusiasts as one of the most iconic designed BMWs to ever be produced. The E64 version of the 6 series sports a fully automatic electrohydraulic convertible top that tucks neatly into the trunk when fully retracted.
Unfortunately the the E64 6 series convertible top has been plagued with operational issues, most notably those contained in SIB 012417 that led to a class-action lawsuit settlement in November 2018 (please click here to view document). There have been numerous articles and forum discussions concerning the issues and remedies contained in SIB 012417 therefore we will not address them in this article.
One common problem that is not covered in the SIB but is well known among BMW E64 owners is a convertible lock motor failure that prevents the top from unlocking and separating from the windshield. The convertible top on the 6 series is secured to the windshield by two catch hooks which are retracted by an electric motor when the driver presses the top retraction button.
The BMW E64 convertible lock motor contains a plastic gear that turns two flexible drive shafts that retract or extend the catch hooks on either side of the windshield. Over time this plastic gear has a tendency to crack or strip, causing the lock motor to just spin without engaging the driveshafts when activated. If not replaced immediately it will eventually jam the electric motor, causing it to burn up. If you suspect the plastic gear in your convertible lock motor has broken DO NOT try and operate the top. You could cause permanent damage to an expensive motor that could be salvaged by just replacing the inexpensive gear.
A broken latch motor gear
This gear was removed from a 2005 645ci...it has completely split in half.
There are some instances where the electric motor fails electrically. In this case, the entire motor will need to be replaced. The good news is a BMW E64 convertible lock motor replacement is a very easy repair for the home mechanic and will avoid an excruciatingly expensive trip to the dealership or local repair shop. We give you full step-by-step instructions as well as a parts list below for your convenience.
Repair cost 2
Required Parts
All BMW E46 and E64 convertibles
The original convertible latch gear in your BMW is made of plastic and is prone to breaking after extended use. Our replacement convertible top gear is made of high strength steel and will withstand years of opening and closing your convertible top. Fits all BMW E46 3 series and E64 6 series convertibles.
Factory Part
All BMW E36, E46 and E64 convertibles
This is the same factory convertible latch motor that would be installed at the BMW dealership. Fits all BMW E46 convertibles.
Repair Steps
Section 1 - Removing the Latch Motor
This article assumes that the convertible top is stuck in the closed position on your 2004-2010 6 series vehicle and the latch motor will not unlock it. The good news is the BMW E64 convertible latch motor is easily accessible without having to manually release it. The plastic trim panel that conceals it inside the vehicle can be quickly disassembled by removing two screws.
  1. The BMW E64 convertible latch motor is located behind a plastic trim panel at the top of the windshield.bmw e64 convertible latch gear replacement - the latch motor is located behind the upper trim panel
  2. Start by using a T10 torx bit to remove the two screws anchoring the side of the trim panel to the roof of vehicle.Remove the side trim screws
  3. The trim panel is held in place with two metal clips. Grasp the panel on one side and pull down with steady pressure until the clip releases from the roof of the vehicle. Repeat on the other side of the trim panel. Remove the trim panel from the car.bmw e64 convertible latch gear replacement - Pull the trim panel down until it releases from the roof of the vehiclebmw e64 convertible latch gear replacement - The trim panel clips
  4. The latch release motor can now be accessed. Start by unplugging the two electrical connections on the motor as shown below. Unplug the black electrical connectionRotate the blue connector until it pulls free.bmw e64 convertible latch gear replacement - Unplug the blue connector
  5. Using a 10mm socket wrench, remove the two nuts anchoring the motor to the roof of the vehicle. Pull the motor loose.bmw e64 convertible latch gear replacement - Remove the latch motor mounting nuts
  6. Remove the two flexible drive shafts that open and close the side latches. They simply pull free from the motor. Remove the flexible drive shaftsRemove the flexible drive shafts
  7. The motor can now be removed from the vehicle.
Section 2 - Replacing the Convertible Latch Gear
If you have diagnosed that your latch motor is operating correctly, then you most likely have a broken latch gear. As discussed earlier, the original latch gear is plastic and has almost a 100% failure rate in high use vehicles. The good news is the gear is easily replaced as shown below.
  1. The latch gear is located behind the black plastic cover on the top of the motor. Use a T10 torx bit to remove the six screws securing the cover to the motor.bmw e64 convertible latch gear replacement - Remove the latch gear coverbmw e64 convertible latch gear replacement - the latch gear is under the cover
  2. With the cover removed, the latch gear can now be accessed. Using your fingers, pull the convertible latch gear out of the motor. Grasp the gear with your fingers to removebmw e64 convertible latch gear replacement - The motor latch gear
  3. Using a high quality grease (we like to use marine grease), coat the worm gear inside the motor. Apply grease to the new replacement gear.Use a high quality grease on the new latch gear Apply grease to the worm gear inside the enginebmw e64 convertible latch gear replacement - Apply grease to the new latch gear
  4. Install the new gear and replace the plastic cover.
Section 3 - Vehicle Reassembly
Reassembly is very simple...just follow the above steps in reverse. Make sure the flexible driveshafts turn freely and do not bind up after reinstalling the motor.
BMW E64 Convertible Lock Motor Replacement Finished
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