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BMW F25 X3 Service Reset – CBS Oil, Brakes, Inspection

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This article gives detailed instructions on resetting the Conditional Based Service (CBS) messages on 2010-2016 BMW X3 (F25) vehicles without taking the vehicle to the dealership and without the need of using any special equipment.
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Resetting the Conditional Based Service messages and lights on your 2010-2016 BMW X3 is very simple and can be done quickly without any special equipment.

One of the more irritating features found in 2010-2016 BMW X3s is the Conditional Based Service (CBS) messages that appear on the dashboard and iDrive screen when the vehicle's onboard control modules suggest it's ready. We stress the word suggest - these notifications are simply a BMW gimmick are by no means a requirement to hit the panic button and rush your BMW to the dealership for expensive repairs. They are merely a recommendation based on a German algorithm that mashes up your last service date with your current driving habits, spitting out a chilling message that your BMW X3 may need immediate attention. If the vehicle is brought to the dealership, these CBS messages are reset using fancy diagnostic equipment.
Another scary message being displayed on the iDrive. This can be easily reset with the push of one finger.
The problem that arises is that many 2010-2016 BMW X3 owners take their vehicles to local repair shops, independent oil change facilities, or even perform their own service and maintenance work. So, in these cases, how do you reset the CBS messages? It's actually extremely simple.
BMW was gracious enough to allow owners of 2010-2016 F25 X3s an easy and quick way to reset their oil, brake fluid, front and rear brakes and inspection service reminders themselves. Even better is that no expensive diagnostic scanner is needed...just one finger. We give full instructions below along with a quick video for your convenience.
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Section 1 - Resetting the conditional based service messages
In 2010 through 2016 X3 models, the oil, brake fluid, front/rear brakes and inspection warning messages can easily be reset using the trip distance recorder button found on the bottom left corner of the instrument cluster.
    1. Turn the ignition on. DO NOT start the vehicle. The reset function only works if the vehicle is not running.bmw f25 CBS reset - Turn the ignition on. Do not start the vehicle
    2. Find the trip distance recorder button at the bottom left corner of the instrument cluster. Depress and hold for 10 seconds.bmw f25 CBS reset - Depress and hold trip recorder button 10 seconds
    3. The conditional based service items will appear in the center of the instrument cluster. Scroll through the available service items by repeatedly depressing the trip recorder button.bmw f25 CBS reset - Scroll through services
    4. Once you have decided on which service to reset, depress and hold the trip recorder button for 3 seconds.bmw f25 CBS reset - Choose service to reset and depress trip recorder button 3 seconds
    5. The service item will go through a quick reset procedure and display green when completed.bmw f25 CBS reset - Reset successful bmw f25 CBS reset - iDrive screen message updated
BMW F25 CBS reset complete