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BMW Trunk Shock Replacement – Trunk Won’t Stay Open

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Repair Summary
This article gives detailed instructions on replacing the rear trunk shocks in a BMW vehicle. Even though we used a 2013 3 Series to perform this repair, this article can be applied to any BMW vehicle with minor modifications to the repair steps.

Worn out trunk shocks will make opening the trunk lid extremely difficult.

One of the more irritating parts to break on our BMWs is the rear trunk shocks - the two pneumatic mechanisms on either side of the trunk lid that help lift it and make it easy to open. When the trunk shocks wear out the trunk lid is difficult to lift when opened with the trunk release button or key FOB. Often the trunk lid won't open at all if the shocks are completely worn out - the weight of the trunk lid won't allow it to release from the locking mechanism. This can be extremely annoying with a handful of groceries and two screaming kids in tow.
The good news is replacing the rear BMW trunk shocks is extremely simple and can be done by any BMW owner. The better news is you can save a ton of money doing this repair and avoiding the BMW dealership. We give full step-by-step instructions below, along with a helpful video and parts list.
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Before starting this repair, you must have the following required parts.
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Section 1 - Replacing the rear trunk shocks in your BMW is an extremely easy process. Don't ever try and pry the shocks off of the mounts...always us the metal release - trying to pry them off could break the mount off requiring the entire trunk lid to be replaced.
  1. Open the trunk lid and identify the trunk shocks on either side of the trunk lid.bmw trunk shock replacement - identify the rear trunk shocks with the trunk lid open bmw trunk shock replacement - rear trunk shock
  2. Using a small flat-tip screwdriver or metal pick, pull the metal release out on the end of the trunk shock where it is attached to the trunk lid.Use a metal pick or flat-tip screwdriver to release the metal locking clip
  3. Pull the end of the trunk shock off of its mount.bmw trunk shock replacement - Pull the shock mount off of its mount
  4. Repeat the above steps with the bottom of the shock where it is attached to the body of the vehicle.Rear trunk shock removed from vehicle
  5. Install new trunk shocks by pressing them onto their mounts until they click in place.bmw trunk shock replacement - Press the new trunk shocks onto their mounts
BMW Trunk Shock Replacement Finished