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BMW 5 Series Trim Removal – Shifter/Radio/AC E60 All Models

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Repair Summary
This article gives detailed instructions on removing the center console and dashboard trim in a BMW E60 5 series vehicle. Even though we used a 2010 528i to perform this repair, this article can be applied to any 2004-2010 5 series vehicle with minor modifications to the repair steps.
E60 5 Series M5
E60 5 Series 523Li
E60 5 Series 550i
E60 5 Series 545i
E60 5 Series 540i
E60 5 Series 535d
E60 5 Series 530xi
E60 5 Series 530xd
E60 5 Series 530Li
E60 5 Series 530i
E60 5 Series 530d
E60 5 Series 525i
E60 5 Series 525xi
E60 5 Series 525Li
E60 5 Series 525d
E60 5 Series 523i
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E60 5 Series 520d
E60N 5 Series 550i
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E60N 5 Series 535i
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E60N 5 Series 530xd
E60N 5 Series 530Li
E60N 5 Series 530i
E60N 5 Series 528xi
E60N 5 Series 530d
E60N 5 Series 528i
E60N 5 Series 525Li
E60N 5 Series 525xd
E60N 5 Series 525i
E60N 5 Series 525d
E60N 5 Series 523Li
E60N 5 Series 523i
E60N 5 Series 520Li
E60N 5 Series 520d
E60N 5 Series 520i

A BMW 5 series trim removal from the center console and dash is necessary for a variety of standard repairs to all 2004-2010 E60 models.

One of the greatest deterrents keeping many "Do it Yourself" mechanics from taking on interior repairs to their BMWs is removing trim. Let's face it...trim scares us. There is nothing worse than that disgusting sound of plastic cracking as we try to pry off a piece of dash trim. Who gets used to the sound of plastic clips snapping as we attempt to pull off a door panel? We don't...and we have a whole drawer full of spare door clips at the Repair Guide.
Nope...it's not breaking a 20 cent clip that scares us. What scares us is that hidden screw that we didn't know about that shreds the $700 door trim panel when we try to remove it with force. It's the plastic tabs that break off of the $200 piece of A-pillar trim when we don't know which direction to pull on it. And it's cracking the $485 center dash bezel by prying too aggressively with a plastic trim tool while distracted. Starting to get the picture? Yep...it's the kick in our wallet that scares us.
The center console shifter trim and center dash bezel are probably two of the most removed interior trim parts in all BMWs. They are also two of the easiest to break if you don't remove all of the screws or pry the parts out incorrectly. The following repair article deals with the BMW 5 Series trim removal of the shifter and center dash bezel trim parts and applies to all E60 models, including the 528i/530i/535i/545i/550i and M5 vehicles built between 2004 and 2010.
Before starting this repair, you must have the following required parts.
Safely remove trim panels and moldings easily without damaging them
Plastic five-piece tool kit removes trim and door panels, moldings, and adhesive backed logos and badges, without damage. Made of impact resistant plastic that will not mar surfaces as metal screwdrivers and pry bars will. Slim design for delicate work in tight areas.
Section 1 - Upper Trim Removal
  1. Use a plastic trim tool to remove central lock/hazard light switch. Disconnect wire from back of switch.5 Series Trim Removal
  2. Use trim tool to remove the center dashboard trim, starting on one side and slowly moving your way towards the other.5 Series Trim Removal
  3. Remove the two phillips screws from top of IHKA control (climate control) trim panel. Using your hands, gently pull the top of the control unit away from the dash. This should give you enough room to get a plastic trim tool behind the unit. Slowly lever forward with the tool until the trim clips on the unit release. Once the unit is free of the dash, disconnect the three wiring harnesses (a flat blade screwdriver comes in handy).5 Series Trim Removal5 Series Trim Removal
Section 2 - Lower Trim Removal
  1. Using a pick or other small trim tool (I just use my fingernails), remove the plastic shifter bezel trim. It pops out very easily once you get under the edge of it. You can also try slipping your fingers under the trim by the shift knob and pulling up on it to release.
  2. Remove the three T20 torx screws holding the center console trim in place. Using your hands, gently pull until the trim releases and remove.5 Series Trim Removal
BMW 5 Series Trim Removal Finished